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I am Adella and I am a lot like you.

I know exactly how it feels to suffer a BIG setback and to start life over from scratch.

In my case, I became a single parent of four children. Divorced.

Things happen and plans get changed. 

Life moves on, except you haven’t!

You desire to do so, but you just don’t know how.

Perhaps your BIG setback manifested as a frustration of desire

in your career being sidetracked.

Maybe you no longer saw a pathway to the “corner office” due to company politics or due to a bad relationship with your corporate leader.

Perhaps, you experienced the loss of a loved one

or some other setback.


Whatever the case, you now feel like you have not move forward in life and you have been feeling this way for a very long time.


You have lost your joy, much of your ambition, and drive. Now you feel broken.


How do you recover? 

How do you reclaim that spark of ambition or your love of life?

How do you take your next big step forward?


If you are ready to take your next big step forward,

If you are ready to give yourself permission to let go of the past and achieve at levels that you have never achieved before,

If you are willing to accept yourself and approve of yourself according to where you are right now,

I can help you. I have helped many women take charge of their lives,

Get back into the game, and take their next BIG step forward,

creating an even better life for themselves.

If you are willing to try something new,

If you like simple solutions... Do not hesitate to schedule an appointment. 

"One of the things Theresa suffered from was a fear of driving. She had a bad accident years ago and as a result, she avoided the interstate and she drove very cautiously, fearing another accident. In coaching her, I was able to help her remove the emotions associated with the incident and now she drives with a lot more confidence."

– Theresa Naylor-Head, Columbus, OH

"To Life Coach Adella, I want to first thank Allah for you in helping me get over and out of some life jams that has held me hostage for years. You have helped me see the beauty in myself and to embrace my god given gifts and talents. You've shown me how to look and deal with the emotional side of myself, to face the truth of things and to know that every problem has a solution, and most of all be patient with the process of my growth. Now, I can say my life has meaning, APIDTA !!! Thank you, Allah, for sending Adella my way!!". 

– Natalie X Whittington, Dallas, TX

"Adella is an amazing coach. I highly recommend that you hire her as your coach. I did not see the value in her process right away, but things began to open up for me. I have grown in so many ways and the beauty of it all is that I can use this process to continue to improve my life.”

Wanda, Stone Mountain, GA

"After many years of therapy, which provided enormous relief, I recently found myself tearing up again, when going back to my past story, even after almost 40 years now. That’s when the universe sent me Adella Alleda. Wow! After a few deep sessions, I was left with an inner clearing feeling. Months later the trauma thoughts are no more. I highly recommend others to try her magic."

– Karen Fournillier, Toronto, Canada

Teadra, Covington, GA

Utrualia, South Carolina

Theresa, Columbus, OH